Bricktick: Arkanoid/Brickbreaker for the UNIX console

Bricktick is an Arkanoid/brickbreaker/brick attack clone for the UNIX console, utilizing the curses (on many systems ncurses) library. It runs in a 80x24 console or bigger, but does not scale to bigger consoles. It supports color, 'charms' that include life, slow ball, and 1000 score, and has seven levels ranging from the infantile to the challenging. Controls: Space is pause, ESC is exit, arrow keys control the paddle. Hit the left side of the paddle and the ball bounces to the left, hit the right side of the paddle and the ball bounces to the right, hit the center of the paddle and it either bounces straight up or continues on its original horizontal course. Score: +2 score for every second you manage not to die, +100 for a brick, and +1000 when you catch the '%' charm. Levels: First couple are easy, fifth level gets quite difficult, last two levels have smaller bricks. Downloads: Bricktick 0.9 can be downloaded here. Repo: Github A precompiled 64-bit Windows binary for 0.9 can be found here, and an Intel x86_64 unsigned macOS binary can be found here. Screenshots: ______________________________________________________ Greeting screen: Playing with color: Playing with no color: Bricktick on Windows 10: