SubStrings, a better way to deal with C strings

SubStrings is a small, platform independent, ANSI C library for manipulating C strings. Features of SubStrings:
  • Supports safe concatenation and copy operations with predictable behaviour
  • Provides functions usually attributed to higher level languages, such as EndsWith(), StartsWith(), Strip(), Replace() and more.
  • Makes processing multi-line strings easy with the SubStrings.Line functions
  • Excellent for nibble parsing
  • Works in non-hosted/freestanding implementations; no need for the standard library/libc.
  • Standards compliant ANSI C/C89
  • Easy to add it to your source tree; no need to add a dependency. This is encouraged.
  • I wrote SubStrings because all/most of the other string libs for C either suck, try to reinvent the string, or both. I didn't have a problem with C strings, just the functions that process them. No documentation is available yet, but that will soon change. SubStrings is in a somewhat unstable state, but it's good enough for me. Might not be for you, so keep that in mind. No warranty or guarantees whatsoever. Public domain. Download 0.50, the current version. SubStrings Github